Team-Themed Paracord Bracelets

Originally used by military and law enforcement, paracord is a light-weight cord able to withstand 550 pounds of pressure.

We have created “team-themed” bracelets to help sports fans and enthusiasts wear their team spirit bold and proud.

Pick your favourite team or school colours and we will customize your bracelets for the individual player or to suit up the entire team.

Determine your size from our standard sizing chart

Extra small – 6 inch

Small – 7 inch

Medium – 8 inch

Large – 9 inch

Extra large – 10 inch

Best way to ensure a proper fit is to measure and be certain. Simply measure your wrist with a string at a comfortable tightness, measure the string and size up to the next standard size.  Customize sizing always available.

Bracelets will be made with approximately 1 foot of paracord per inch of bracelet and will have a black plastic 3/8 inch curved side-release buckle.

Colours available currently are;

  • Black                         
  • Red                            
  • Royal Blue              
  • Colonial Blue               
  • Dark Green                       
  • Golden Yellow        
  • Orange                     
  • Tan                                
  •  Pink                                   
  • Pink Camo               
  • Blue Camo               
  • Tan/Black Camo    
  • Purple Camo           
  • Red/Black Camo
  • Green/Tan Camo   
  • Yellow/Black Camo 
  • Blue/Black Camo 
  • Neon Yellow Camo

Cost is 6.00 each plus shipping

Colour Choice

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